Be A Partner Vendor


Do you have a product that is zero waste and sustainable? Is your product a replacement for everyday, single-use items? Does your company have responsible, eco-friendly, sustainable practices? We are looking to work with awesome, sustainable, zero waste companies like yours!

Lipay Mundo Co. requests at least 1 sample of each product to test before we onboard a new brand. Samples will not be returned to the brand, regardless of whether or not the brand is taken on as a vendor. Why? We have our environmentalist and chemist consultants test all of our products vigorously before we put them out for sale on our website, pages and in our store for you.
We want to ensure that we are only offering our customers the safest and absolute best of what is out there, and to us, that means making sure that our team tests everything! If we do not take on your product, it doesn't mean it cannot happen in the future! 

Feel free to reach out and ask us why. We love giving feedback on how awesome brands can improve their packaging and product to align with our missions and values and we all want to grow together!
And remember . . .

                                                   PLASTICS NEED NOT APPLY

Thank you for your interest to partner with Lipay Mundo Co., Dumaguete’s Zero Waste Shop. We want to get to know you more, please email us at if you wish to be a partner.  We look forward to doing business with you.